The Big Fix Movie 2012

on the misadventures of four Hollywood Minnesota - Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan, hockey, players once they have selected are to form a group. Series debuted with a pilot episode for an hour, time great hearing, Nickelodeon, November 28, 2009. His official debut episode premiered on January 18, 2010, 6 8 million viewers, wins the best so Nickelodeon live-action series debut ever. The last episode was on July 25, 2013, after four seasons and a total of 74 episodes. The boys make an agreement with Griffin, if they can hit a number one, she and her friends of the Palm forest have a party at his home in Malibu beach. JO is in a film, and Kendall is the only one. A fan crazy named Sandy said that she is the girlfriend of Kendall and tries to steal Jo Kendall. Sandy published of pictures of Kendall and yourself, so very jealous of the Olympics. James believes that Annie (Gage Golightly), a young girl who rescued the surf is a mermaid. He tried with the help of Camille, but in love with her. Children are against hard management style by Gustav, which record electrical shocks and chorus, followed includes a song for his album. Write a list of petitions, but not accepted Gustavo. Gustavo tries to get a new band and his voice sounds BTR to edit guys but frustrated. You are planning to get their fans behind their the big fix movie 2012 cause by uploading videos on the net, but the only song that I have rights is the huge scat song. Katie said, as a wealthy mother, both Mrs. Knight between the strike and Katie leaves make tasks. Katie confesses that a mother of a hard work and Ms. Knight must meet Gustavo Druck on some of the needs of the children. Guests: The Cates Golf as his wife Jennifer Knight, Matt Riedy as Griffin. Song: Superstar. Griffin offers a bonus of $20 000 children's show that they spend responsibly. Kendall wants to invest in the oranges, but accidentally buy a truck loaded with oranges, James bought to impress a snake with Lucy, but discovered that I am not that the snakes will lose the serpent and recover his money, everything is bought Carlos one personal assistant and Logan can not angry people are resistant. At the end of all remained without money but buy the tire with your last dollar, sells for $100 to win and snake, Carlos Assistant for an hour to rent the snake James, jellies and told them that he was selling oranges for his former boss. Finally, you approximately $20 000 return and teach them Griffin, who turned out be the orange buyer. Played by: Matt Riedy as Cates Golf Griffin that Mrs Knight Erin Sanders as Camille, Malese Jow as Lucy, seller of Mason McCulley, Ray Alden who, like James has hired as Assistant of Carlos, John Jenkinson as palmwood food, your snake to find Obdul Reid as ObdulSongs outstanding: 24/7. The boys were approached two large companies, which are interested in the expansion of the brand BTR then. You have two options to choose from to get your comic or game and seems very happy to play, but had the concert in Hawaii in the private jet and carry green Cancel. After having heard about the cartoons, which, ultimately, change their minds and make the game. Is locked at the same Studio is located in a great mix with the people that they think they are foreign. You finally choose to cartoon the fairly good results. At the same time, land in the forest of Palm trees, watch the Godfather Buddha Bob a head and think the cosmos and to which it can fall. Katie and Ms. Knight, his memory back Hollywood calls Dr. and land to beat Bob Buddha with a frying pan on his head. Guest Star: Cates as Ms. Knight, golf because Norris as Bob Buddha, Lorenzo lamas as Dr. Hollywood, Butch Hartman: himself. Featured title: song for you. The guys will ask in the annual 24 Tween choice awards, where the young Joseph ordered and reserved to close the map. But before this, the Quartet can go on stage, they discover to be a diabolical plan for everyone in the audience of a brainwashing. BTR then completed for the bad guys and make sure the rollers of show, as expected, .